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Your Blueprint for Winning at Psychology Grad School

Graduate training programs in psychology prepare students for successful careers in academia, research and clinical practice; however, not all training programs offer the type of non-academic professional development support that can help students stand out and excel in their training and future careers.

After all, each student has their own personal strengths, and who wouldn’t want to...

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Making the Best of Unplanned Client Termination

Client termination, whether it is planned or unplanned, is difficult.

It can lead the clinician to having a multitude of emotions. After all, it is the ending of a relationship, which can be a challenging thing for any of us to go through.

To make it harder, most individuals are not taught appropriate techniques to end a relationship. How many of us plan on how we are going to conclude a...

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Choosing a Hospital Training Site in Behavioral Health

I went to graduate school in a large city, and I was lucky to have over a dozen hospital sites to apply to once I knew I wanted inpatient experience. The problem was that I didn’t realize how much variation existed within the world of hospital training.

Knowing what kind of hospital you’re applying to will help you focus your cover letters, know what you’re walking into on interviews, and pick...

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How do you Find a "Super" Clinical Supervisor?

“What type of supervision will I receive at this training site?”

How many times have you asked this question during your interviews for practicum, pre-doctoral internship, or post-doctoral training sites? I recall my own apprehension about my clinical supervisors over the last few years.

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APPIC Internship Relocation: 10 Ways to Make it Easier

As psychology graduate students, we accomplish many milestones along the path to earning our doctorate degrees. One milestone that can be particularly exciting is the completion of the APPIC doctoral internship. Given the hundreds of wonderful placement sites spread out across the nation, many grad students find themselves having to relocate to a new city for their internship year.

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Having a Chronic Illness During Grad School & Internship

My story begins at the tender age of 23, when I was looking forward to starting graduate school and raising my son, who was one year old at the time.

That day in August 2007 still remains very vivid in my mind, as I recall sitting at my desk at work, enjoying what felt like one of the best days thus far.

Then I received a phone call that changed my life forever, and I heard the following:...

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Grad School Burnout is Real – Here are the Symptoms

Burnout is believed to be coined by the psychologist Dr. Herbert Freudenberger who defined it as “failing, wearing out, or becoming exhausted through excessive demands on energy, strength, or resources” [1].

At times, graduate school seems synonymous with burnout – it is a multi-year, grueling process of hurdle after hurdle.

There is often a mentality in graduate programs that this “suffering”...

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Cultural Competence in Therapy: Why We Must See Color

It seems that workplaces, schools, companies, and organizations are increasingly paying more attention to diversity and culture lately.

While this growing interest is encouraging, there are times when there is a significant lack of follow-through regarding the attention these issues receive. This is a disservice to everyone involved, but it comes at a special price in the realm of therapy.

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3 Easy Mindfulness Techniques for Busy Grad Students

Do you ever feel like you are moving through grad school like a busy bee? Completely on autopilot?  

Externship. Clients. Supervisors. Emails. Research. Class. Professors. Assignments. Dissertation. Family. Friends.

Sometimes it can all seem like one, big blur.  

As graduate students in the mental health field, we are tasked with the challenge of helping others achieve mental wellness....

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Planned Client Termination: It's Hard to Say Goodbye

Planned client termination may be one of the hardest aspects of clinical work.

Although planned termination is often a great opportunity for both the client and therapist to gain additional insights, it can lead to a variety of thoughts and emotions that can be unpleasant for all involved.

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