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Stephanie Ann Adams, M.A., LPC is the co-author of The Beginning Counselor’s Survival Guide: The New Counselor’s Plan for Success from Practicum to Licensure (available now in paperback and eBook). Connect with other interns, watch free training videos and more at Beginning Counselor: Building Your Ideal Internship. Thinking about starting a private practice someday? You might also want to check out Stephanie's private practice resources at MYOB Counselor: Helping Counselors In Private Practice "Mind Their Own Businesses".

What Counts? Tracking Hours.

What Counts? Tracking Hours.

In my book, The Beginning Counselor’s Survival Guide, my main goal is to simplify the difficult-to-understand. For a career that is all about helping people, we certainly do make it complicated to get into sometimes! As the co-founder of Beginning Counselor: Building Your Ideal Internship I get questions all the time, many of them starting with, “What do they mean by _______?”

The fact is, with counseling licensure, as well as with counseling practice, there are a lot of gray areas. “This means this if this is the case…unless of course, this happens.”

That’s why I wanted to take this opportunity to clear up some of the confusion, specifically about the concept of HOURS. By that I mean the specific number of hours we as counselors (or psychologists, marriage and family therapists, or other behavioral health professionals) are required to earn in order to switch from a provisionally licensed mental health professional to the real deal.