Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

The Time2Track blog began in 2012 as a way to provide resources to graduate students and early career professionals. As Time2Track has grown, the blog has grown along with it, and we started publishing consistently in 2015. The following year, I came on board as the blog’s content editor, combining my experience as an early career clinical psychologist with a background in writing and editing. In 2019, I became the editor in chief, a role I’ve loved as I’ve continued forward in my professional life as a psychologist. And now, it is time to wind down: our blog stopped publishing new content on November 16.

We started the blog as a way to provide support to people who were still in school or just starting out in their careers. Our goal the whole time has been to close the gap between theory and practice. Hoping, for example, that a nervous graduate student in their first clinical role might get some reassurance from looking up our article on how to do an intake. Or an apprehensive test-taker looking for guidance about how to crack the EPPP. Or, realizing that there is always more to learn, doing research on how to approach working with clients of ethnicities or life experiences different from one’s own.

Over time, the blog has become a resource where people in mental health can come for issues large and small: how to work with a tricky supervisor, how to maximize clinical hours, how to balance family and school. How to budget, and how to take care of yourself amidst the challenges of graduate work. When Covid hit in 2020, we sought your stories, and you responded from around the country.

I’m happy to report that these vital resources will remain live on the blog. As an editor, it has been a true pleasure to connect with our writers, who have been passionate about mental health, therapy, early career practice, and everything in between – sharing their experiences and knowledge, both personal and professional. I’m incredibly proud of the content that our writers have contributed, and I’m proud of the community we’ve created.

Thank you so much for your readership and support these past ten years.

With my very best,

Lara Friedrich, PsyD

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