Articles by Sarah H. Afriecq, PsyD

Sarah H. Afriecq, PsyD is a licensed psychologist. She is also an Army Captain and post-doctoral resident at Eisenhower Army Medical Center, where she also completed her pre-doctoral internship. Dr. Afriecq received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Marywood University. She works primarily with military service members and their families providing evidenced based treatment in the areas of sleep, anxiety, depression, and trauma. Dr. Afriecq has strong interests in the areas of cultural diversity, outreach, teaching, and supervision. Outside of clinical practice, Dr. Afriecq enjoys traveling with her husband and has traveled to more than half of the contiguous United States in the last two years since being in the Army.

Have You Considered an APPIC Internship with The Army?

Have You Considered an APPIC Internship with The Army?

With the APPIC Match 2017 approaching, the search for the “perfect” internship site begins. As you start to draft your spreadsheet of internship sites, I strongly encourage you to consider internship opportunities that you might not have given thought to previously.

The Army offers four APA-accredited internship sites across the United States: Dwight David Eisenhower Army Medical Center, GA, Brooke Army Medical Center, TX, Madigan Army Medical Center, WA, and Tripler Army Medical Cente, HI. The Army has a new internship site that is applying for provisional accreditation: Womack Army Medical Center, NC.

Each Army internship site has a niche which makes it unique; however, all of the Army internship sites share a common thread, which is a generalist approach to training. I have received training in neuropsychology (TBI, memory disorders), assessment, health psychology (biofeedback, bariatric surgery evaluations, pain/sleep/diabetes/weight management, smoking cessation), and military psychology. The military psychology rotation focused on conducting military specific evaluations and consultation skills.

Military psychologists wear different hats: therapist, evaluator, supervisor, and consultant to name a few.