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Maggie Wilkerson graduated from Wake Forest University with degrees in Psychology and Art, and is now President and Co-Owner of Time2Track. Maggie does a little bit of everything here – from talking to clients to working with guest bloggers to planning new features. When she's not working, she enjoys cooking, gardening, and spending time with her husband, their cat, and two dogs.

4 Ways to Backlog your Clinical Training Hours in Time2Track

4 Ways to Backlog your Clinical Training Hours in Time2Track

If you’re switching to Time2Track from another tracking method like a spreadsheet, notebook, or MyPsychTrack, we’ve got you covered.

If you’ve ever put off logging your hours (like most students have), we’ve got that covered too.

Regardless of the reason, if you ever find yourself with a bunch of hours to log, here are 4 ways to get yourself back on track.

(And if you’re not using Time2Track, you can try any of these methods with our 30-day free trial)

1. “Chunking” Your Hours

A good way to get a bunch of hours into Time2Track is to chunk them into groups. For example, let’s say you did 60 hours of individual therapy in the spring of 2009. Most of those were 1-hour sessions, but with different individuals. And unfortunately, you weren’t keeping track of those individuals. Not to worry. Here’s what you do:

Online Supervisor Approval for Everyone!

Online Supervisor Approval for Everyone!

If you’re working toward your degree or license, chances are you have to get your clinical training hours signed off by a supervisor.

With Time2Track, you can print off signature sheets for this very purpose.

But now, you also have the option of submitting those hours directly to your supervisor through Time2Track. It simplifies the process for everyone, saves trees, and lets you and your school or training site track the approval process in real-time.