We are excited to announce a powerful new Time2Track feature – Online Supervisor Approval.

With input from our institutions, students, and others, the new online supervisor approval process will improve the practicum hours approval process for your students and supervisors, improve the accuracy and reliability of practicum data, and save a significant amount of both time and paper.

Online Supervisor Approval allows students to submit hours electronically to their supervisors for approval directly through Time2Track, , Supervisors, through their free Time2Track account, can review/approve or reject hours with a note to the student why the hours were rejected. Institutions have access to the entire process through their Time2Track institutional account.

It’s Easy to Start

You provide the names of your practicums, add your institution’s approved training sites and invite approved supervisors to connect with your institution. That’s it.

Now your students will be able to log hours for a practicum and submit those hours electronically to their supervisor for approval.

Getting supervisors on board is critical to implementing Online Supervisor Approval. With that in mind, we have made the supervisor approval process as easy as possible for your supervisors. Supervisors can work with multiple students in multiple programs with a single Time2Track account. Perfect for training consortiums or areas where programs share training sites and supervisors.

Flexible Control

Institutions have the flexibility to use their own terminology in identifying practicum courses and are able to control the process by limiting training sites and supervisors to only include selections approved by the institution.

Any changes that students make to their activities after they are submitted for approval will require the student to resubmit those hours.

Students can submit hours weekly, monthly, or at the end of a practicum, depending on your program requirements.

Institutional administrators can monitor the entire process – from submission to approval – right in their Time2Track Institutional accounts.

Paperless Workflow

With the new paperless workflow of Online Supervisor Approval, our goal is to significantly shorten your paper stack so you can move on to more important things.

Start Now

Online Supervisor Approval is now available for all Time2Track Institutional clients. You can learn more about Online Supervisor Approval here or just contact us at [email protected] to get started.

If you are a student and would like to use Online Supervisor Approval, have your Program Director or DCT get in contact with us to set up an institutional account for your program.