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Rosana Marzullo-Dove is a doctoral clinical psychology candidate at the American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University – Washington DC. Rosana writes blogs on her experiences as a student, as well as ways to incorporate mindfulness into graduate training and career. Her interests involve individual, couples, and group therapy treating anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and relationship issues, using an integrative psychotherapy approach. Prior to moving to the U.S.A. and engaging in psychology, her occupational aspirations involved architecture and civil engineering. Rosana is a mother of two teens. In her spare time she engages in relaxing activities that can be accomplished in her hammock: knitting, reading, jewelry making, and meditating. She is looking forward to her post-doc training and building her future professional practice in the Tampa area. Connect with Rosana at her website

How to Survive as a Parent in Grad School

How to Survive as a Parent in Grad School

Regardless of whether graduate school or children became part of your life first, the task of managing them all will reflect upon both how you experienced and successfully completed your program as well as how your children and family experienced it with you.

While you have already thought about your future and the future of your family by committing to completing graduate school while raising children, it is always the right time to be mindful and be connected with the “here and now” – or at least on the immediate task at hand: writing a paper, completing the semester, etc.

The experience of being on task, managing family, and successfully completing the program can be better achieved by following five basic principles…