Articles by Krystal Bowen, M.S., M.A

Krystal Bowen is a native of California. She has pursued an academic background in Social Work and Psychology, a MA in Social Work with an emphasis in Mental Health from University of Southern California, a MS in Psychology from Alliant University, and is currently a PsyD candidate in Clinical Psychology at Alliant International University, Los Angeles. She has proceeded to work in clinical environments in the urban communities working with minorities with a range of clinical diagnosis. Her overall goal is to develop and strengthen her niche as a trauma specialist. She is passionate about the inevitability of suffering and individual’s road of triumph; to witness and be a part of the process is invaluable. The field is a unique experience that provides sustenance during difficult times and she is there to help with the recovery. During her free time, she enjoys water sports; jet skiing, para-sailing, and sailing. She loves the water and enjoys attending live music events.

The 3 Keys to Balancing Parenthood & Your Studies

The 3 Keys to Balancing Parenthood & Your Studies

For parents, the idea of pursuing an advanced degree can sound daunting and even impossible. Being a successful parent and student can require a bit more juggling than what’s required of those who are in just one role.

Yet, many do make it work — in fact, 4.8 million undergraduate students, or 26 percent, are raising dependent children.

The key to joining this group of colleagues who are seemingly doing it all? Mastering the three keys of balancing parenthood and your studies: setting boundaries, practicing time management, and being compassionate.