Articles by John Davodi, MA

John Davodi is a clinical psychology student working on his dissertation at California Southern University. He is a mental health clinician employed by Community Research Foundation in San Diego, CA. He believes to be working at undoubtedly one of the most culturally diverse organizations in Southern California that delivers and evaluates innovative and exemplary behavioral health and social services in a manner that is both culturally and trauma competent, providing these services with integrity while working with one of the most caring and amazing group of co-workers. Born in Iowa City, Iowa to Iranian parents, he identifies as 100% American and 100% Iranian. He double majored in sociology and Spanish and completed his Spanish degree requirements while studying abroad at the University of Madrid Complutense and graduating from San Diego State University. His dissertation is focused on the effects of meditation on chronic pain. His dissertation chair has taught him to be resilient, patient and believe in himself while striving to continually improve his research and writing. In his spare time—who are we kidding, he has no spare time—he is working on completing his dissertation.