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Jacquelin Darby is a doctoral candidate at the American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University located in Arlington, Virginia. Her clinical interest includes; multicultural issues within the African American community and working with adults with substance dependence concerns. As part of her doctoral training, she completed a critical review project that viewed the impact that colorism has on tanning/bleaching behaviors and colorism can be addressed in therapy. Currently, she is starting her doctoral internship at Howard University Counseling Services. When she is not knee deep in books and psychology articles, she is attempting to help others survive graduate school. With the creation of her blog, Operation:iGraduate, she hopes to inspire students of color to continue with their education by creating a space to provide support.

How to Deal with Grad School Competition

How to Deal with Grad School Competition

Imagine that you are nervously sitting in class as your professor begins to hand back your graded midterm. You wait in anticipation as she slides your upside down paper toward you. You take a deep breath as you flip the paper over to see that you passed. Just as you breathe a sigh of relief, you begin to look around and wonder, “What did everyone else get?”

You get a feeling of unease as you ponder this question. You scan the room, wondering whether or not to ask your classmates what they received on the test. You cannot explain why you are so eager to know, yet the desire is there. The need to know where you are in comparison to others is strong, and you do not know why.

I have the answer, and it is one word: Competition.