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David C. Talavera is a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. candidate at the University of Houston and is a member of the Culture, Risk, and Reliance Lab. He is currently completing his pre-doctoral internship at Harvard Medical School/Cambridge Health Alliance where he works at the Latino Mental Health Program, Primary Care Mental Health Integration, and Psychiatric Emergency Services. Before entering graduate school, David graduated with honors from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in Psychology. His research interests include examining the effects of race/ethnicity and acculturation in the development of internalizing disorders and adverse health outcomes. His broader interests involve developing culturally sensitive interventions for those suffering from chronic illness/pain. David’s clinical interests include behavioral health medicine, culturally competent care, behavioral health integration, and Spanish-language mental health services. In his free time, David enjoys running, playing basketball, and trying to improve his salsa and taco making skills.

The Dual Language Dilemma: Doing Your Best Work With Spanish-Speaking Patients

The Dual Language Dilemma: Doing Your Best Work With Spanish-Speaking Patients

Despite the growing need for Spanish-language mental health services, there is a shortage of bilingual clinicians, as well as inadequate training for them [1,2].

Does this mean you have to brush up on your Spanish to provide Spanish-language services? Not necessarily.

Here are some helpful tips for working with Spanish-speaking patients if you don’t know Spanish. And if you do know Spanish but are hesitant to use it for clinical work, keep reading for tips to help make that transition as smooth as possible.