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Brandi Thomas-Scott is a native of Los Angeles, CA and currently lives in the New Orleans metro area. Since 2013, Brandi has been a counseling intern completing her licensing hours at a local elementary school, working with grades K through 6th. Brand is both a wife and a mother of a wonderful 10 year-old daughter. Brandi received her Bachelor of Science in Criminology at Florida State University, a Masters in Human Service with a concentration in Clinical Counseling from Post University, and is currently completing her PhD in Organizational Psychology at Capella University. She enjoys helping others navigate through life’s tough times and making a difference in their lives and futures.

My Experience with Counseling Underprivileged Children

My Experience with Counseling Underprivileged Children

Sometimes the hardest job can have the most amazing rewards.

Living and working in the New Orleans metro area has been an eye-opening experience, especially working as a mental health counseling intern in one of the area’s elementary schools.

New Orleans has a vibrant culture that is woven together with tragedy and music that just draws you in. Coming here as a visitor, you are usually not aware of the negatives such as the long-term effects of Hurricane Katrina and the communities that have been locked in poverty (and the effects that has had on its residents). As a visitor, your focus is usually on the excellent music, the delicious food, and the eccentric characters that make visiting New Orleans so great.