Thank you for continuing to share your feedback with us! We’ve taken that feedback and have been hard at work improving Time2Track based on your suggestions.

We wanted to share with you some important Time2Track updates and enhancements that we released yesterday. Click on the screenshots to view full-sized versions.

Updates to Activities & Reports

Activities: For clarity, we changed the Supervision activity types to:

  • Individual Supervision – Other (eg. peer to peer)
  • Group Supervision – Other (eg. peer to peer)

APPIC Supervision Activity Type Name Change

Activities / My Account: “Official APPIC Settings” has been changed to “Setting Types” for broader terminology across all account levels.

Activities / Reports: We added an easier way to select dates using a dropdown menu for month and year. This allows you to quickly select dates in the past without having to scroll back by month.

Time to Track Dropdown Date Select

Reports: The “Hours by Domain” graph colors have been changed for more contrast between sections.

Hours By Domain Graph

Reports (Doctoral only): The APPIC comparison graph is back by popular demand! You can now compare your hours to the high and low averages of successfully matched APPIC applicants.

Successfully Matched APPIC Applicants Graph

Reports: We added a “Demographics Summary” report to quickly report a summary of your clients’ demographic data.

Doctoral Demographic Summary

Reports: We changed the “Overview” report to “Activity Summary” for consistency of terminology within the Reports section.

Time2Track Masters Activity Summary

Reports (Masters only): Added a “Combined Summary” for Masters level individual accounts that summarizes hours and demographics. The format of this new report mirrors the report from the original Time2Track system.

Time2Track Masters Combined Summary

Future Time2Track Enhancements

These new features are currently in the pipeline and will be available later this summer.

  • Time2Track Mobile: track your hours on the go with your iPhone or other mobile device!
  • Bulk-Edit your Hours: apply bulk changes to your hours, including changing your old supervision activities to match the new APPIC requirements for the AAPI.
  • New Account Levels: track your hours specifically as “Internship” or “Postgraduate” to better organize your experiences as you prepare for licensure.

To continue improving Time2Track, we need your feedback. Please email us at [email protected] with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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