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Have You Considered an APPIC Internship with The Army?

by Sarah H. Afriecq, PsyD | October 26, 2016|

APPIC Application

With the APPIC Match 2017 approaching, the search for the “perfect” internship site begins. As you start to draft your spreadsheet of internship sites, I strongly encourage you to consider internship opportunities that you might not have given thought to previously.

The Army offers four APA-accredited internship sites across the United States: Dwight David Eisenhower Army Medical Center, GA, Brooke Army Medical Center, TX, Madigan Army Medical Center, WA, and Tripler Army Medical Cente, HI. The Army has a new internship site that is applying for provisional accreditation: Womack Army Medical Center, NC.

Each Army internship site has a niche which makes it unique; however, all of the Army internship sites share a common thread, which is a generalist approach to training. I have received training in neuropsychology (TBI, memory disorders), assessment, health psychology (biofeedback, bariatric surgery evaluations, pain/sleep/diabetes/weight management, smoking cessation), and military...

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4 Things You Can Do if You Don’t Match Through APPIC

by Emin Gharibian, PsyD | October 19, 2016|

APPIC Application

Every February thousands of doctoral psychology students anxiously wait to see if they’ve matched to an internship site through APPIC. The reality is that there are many qualified students who don't match.

This is an unfortunate result of the APPIC internship crisis. The good news is that internship match rates are rising.

So how can you plan for a “no match” result? There are plenty of things you can do to earn a living while building your CV if you don’t match for an internship through APPIC.

I’ll share with you the four options I explored in the event that I didn’t match.

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How to Ace Your AAPI Essays...Even if You’re Not a Writer

by Laura Miller, PsyD | October 6, 2016|

APPIC Application

The AAPI essays are some of the most dreaded and feared of a prospective intern’s hoops to jump through. Part of what makes them so intimidating is that they are so ambiguous and open-ended, which makes most of us “Type A” graduate students cringe!

We have been trained to write logically and methodically to convey exact descriptions of client behavior for treatment planning and research. No one encouraged lavish adjectives or creative word pairs when we were writing our dissertations or progress notes, so why are we being asked to do that now?

However, AAPI essays should not be seen as an obstacle to getting matched with the internship site you desire, but a creative way of conveying information about yourself that your cover letter, recommendation letters, and CV just don’t capture. You would be surprised at how much a good essay can affect the application process. It can provide a key focal point during interviews to make you stand out from other candidates.

The following are...

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APPIC Internship Relocation: 10 Ways to Make it Easier

As psychology graduate students, we accomplish many milestones along the path to earning our doctorate degrees. One milestone that can be particularly exciting is the completion of the APPIC doctoral internship. Given the hundreds of wonderful placement sites spread out across the nation, many grad students find themselves having to relocate to a new city for their internship year.

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Ace Your Case Presentations & Vignettes in APPIC Internship Interviews

Now that APPIC internship applications have been submitted, you are hoping that you will be invited to some interviews. Yet, when those invitations come, there is often a mix of excitement and trepidation.

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Your Go-To Guide for Surviving APPIC Internship Interviews

Deciding where you want to go and preparing a strong application for your APPIC internship choices is only half the battle. The second part of the APPIC internship match process is doing a good job in your interviews by presenting yourself in the best light and showing them that you are a good fit for their site.

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APPIC Internship Applications: Is it Really All About the "Match"?

** This article is part of Time2Track’s 2015 APPIC Series. 

YES, it REALLY is all about the Match! 

Internship application season has just started, and making sure you focus on identifying good matches between you and the sites you are applying to, from the very start, is critical. I have always emphasized how important it is for students to first determine their training goals prior to even searching for sites.

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How to Find the Right APPIC Internship for You

** This article is part of Time2Track's 2015 APPIC Series.

It’s that time of year again – doctoral students nationwide will be submitting APPIC internship applications as the last step before graduation. While it may seem like a breeze, the APPIC Match process is long, daunting, tedious, and full of uncertainty as to what to focus on and how to put your best foot forward. For those out there who may be embarking on this journey, here are some helpful hints that can provide some direction in finding an internship that fits you best. 

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The Ultimate List of APPIC Match Resources (2016 Edition)

** This article is part of Time2Track's 2015 APPIC Series.

** Last Updated: September 30, 2015

The APPIC Internship Match tends to be one of the most stressful events of a doctoral psychology student’s education and training. Not only is there a chance that you won’t match with an internship, but the sheer amount of time and money that it takes to participate in the match can be incredibly overwhelming.

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5 Ways to Guarantee a Successful APPIC Internship – Before it Starts

** This article is part of Time2Track's 2015 APPIC Series.

You’ve applied for internships; maybe you’re waiting for interviews, interviewing, or waiting to match. Or perhaps you did not match this year and are planning to apply again in the future.

Whatever your status, if you’re thinking about internships it’s very easy to become wrapped up in the process of applying – but what do you do when the application process is over? How do you plan for your future as an intern? What will your new site be like? How do you become successful at your new site?

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