As many of you are aware, APPIC released the 2010-2011 application recently. There have been a few minor changes to the application that we have been working to integrate into Time2Track. Below you will see update that we have made to the system in order to mirror the application changes.

There have been four new Treatment Settings added:

  • Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic/Hospital
  • Partial Hospitalization/Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • Private Practice
  • Residential/Group Home

Add Activity - New Treatment Settings

[ New treatment settings in “Add Activity” view ]

Application View - New Treatment Settings

[ New treatment settings in “Application View” ]

APPIC has also requested that Intake Interview / Structured Interview hours be handled differently. Intake Interview / Structured Interview hours are counted as “Intervention” activities EXCEPTwhen tallying client totals in the Race / Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Disabilities, and Gender sections. In the client demographics section, the clients associated with Intake Interview / Structured Interview activities are counted under the “Assessment” column.

Treatment Settings Intervention Column

[ Intake Interview / Structured Interview hours are counted as “Intervention” in “Treatment Settings” ]

Client Demographics

[ Intake Interview / Structured Interview clients are counted as “Assessment” in client demographics ]

Most Importantly: Relax. The application process is time consuming and sometimes frustrating, but you will get through it. The application clearly states that students are not expected to have hours in every category or even know the exact number of hours. We hope that Time2Track helps relieve some of the stress associated with the process.

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