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Dr. Laura Miller is a psychologist at Virginia Tech’s Thomas E. Cook Counseling Center where she completed her internship. She received her B.S. degree in Psychology at Louisiana State University, received her M.S. degrees in Clinical Psychology from Northwestern State University and Georgia Southern University, and earned her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Georgia Southern University. Dr. Miller enjoys working with clients of all ages individually and in groups with a wide variety of clinical concerns, and is particularly interested in helping those who struggle with depression, anxiety, and identity concerns. Dr. Miller also has a passion for helping clients through crises, trauma, and suicidal thoughts. Her research has focused on developmental theories for emerging adults including the development of emotional intelligence, belief in one's ability to cope with stress, adjustment to college, and family and ethnic cultural influences. In the therapy room, Dr. Miller strives to create a collaborative and open relationship where clients have control. Dr. Miller works from a multiculturally inclusive and integrative approach that focuses on techniques best suited to the client’s readiness for change and self-acceptance. In her free time, she enjoys cooking Cajun dishes from her home state of Louisiana, watching suspense movies, and walking her dog.

How to Ace Your AAPI Essays…Even if You’re Not a Writer

How to Ace Your AAPI Essays…Even if You’re Not a Writer

The AAPI essays are some of the most dreaded and feared of a prospective intern’s hoops to jump through. Part of what makes them so intimidating is that they are so ambiguous and open-ended, which makes most of us “Type A” graduate students cringe!

We have been trained to write logically and methodically to convey exact descriptions of client behavior for treatment planning and research. No one encouraged lavish adjectives or creative word pairs when we were writing our dissertations or progress notes, so why are we being asked to do that now?

However, AAPI essays should not be seen as an obstacle to getting matched with the internship site you desire, but a creative way of conveying information about yourself that your cover letter, recommendation letters, and CV just don’t capture. You would be surprised at how much a good essay can affect the application process. It can provide a key focal point during interviews to make you stand out from other candidates.

The following are specific tips to consider when writing each of your essays…