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Tara Luchkiw Rosema

Tara Luchkiw Rosema is a Psychology Intern in the Health Track at the Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC), where she is currently on rotation at the National Center for Organizational Development. She will graduate with her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Mississippi in August 2016, after which she will begin her post-doctoral fellowship in interprofessional team-based care at the Cincinnati VAMC. Her interests include interdisciplinary collaboration and building effective team cultures in healthcare settings, as well as working with individuals to improve health and well-being through health behavior change.

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Are You Ready for a Leadership Role in Clinical Psychology?

Imagine yourself in this scenario:

You finally made it!  After much hard work, you are now licensed and you recently accepted a job as a staff psychologist at a clinic in a great location.

Your job description?  You will provide therapy and assessment, maintain appropriate documentation, collaborate with other health providers, yada, yada, yada.  That’s easy – you’ve done all this stuff before in your practica, internship, and fellowship – you’ve got this.

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